Keeping up with the dependencies

In object oriented programming (OOP) we are dealing with classes as the main 'unit' of our code. Classes represent the blueprints to the objects that will have some kind of business logic inside of it. Often times our classes need to interact with one another. This is when the coupling of the code happens. How do we handle this coupling? There are a few design patterns that can help with that.

Woo Solo Api

My third plugin on, connecting WooCommerce with Solo API service.

Simple linked variations for WooCommerce

Second plugin I released on, plus a small tutorial on how to use it.

Images post meta fields

One thing that can be forgotten about attachments in WordPress is that, in their core, they are treated as a post type. As such, they too can be modified to have post meta data.

Meta box controls – image and gallery upload controls

In this tutorial we'll cover the image upload, and gallery upload meta box controls. They are pretty useful controls, especially if you want to create a plugin that requires them.
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