Author: Denis

Adding custom controls to your Customization API

You know about the Customizer, but what about all the cool stuff you can do with it?

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Setting WordPress Customization API up

WordPress Customizer, or Theme Customization API, allows the user to make changes to the theme. If you’re developing the theme from scratch you might want to add some new features to your Customizer screen. This tutorial will help you with that.

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color meta box for WordPress

Adding metaboxes to your posts or pages – Color picker metabox

WordPress has a lot of built in tools that can help you extend the functionality of your site or theme. One of my favorites are meta boxes. Find out how to add one to your page or post to enhance them in a simple way.

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Custom dropdown field in wordpress menus

It’s always better to add the functionality to your WordPress theme ‘in the code’. This code will give you the ability to have a dropdown field in your menus.

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repeater fields madebydenis

Adding related pages and links in your articles

Do you like the WordPress ‘insert link’ ability in your posts? Then you’ll love this little snippet.

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