My developer tips and tricks

A list of tools I cannot imagine working without, and a few tricks to help you debug your code.

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Creating a menu page and saving it with AJAX

Create your own custom options page, and save it using AJAX – great for plugins and themes alike.

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AJAX load posts on WordPress

How to load your posts without refreshing the whole page? Look no further. This tutorial will explain how you can use AJAX to load your posts with ease.

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Setting WordPress Customization API up

WordPress Customizer, or Theme Customization API, allows the user to make changes to the theme. If you’re developing the theme from scratch you might want to add some new features to your Customizer screen. This tutorial will help you with that.

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repeater fields madebydenis

Adding related pages and links in your articles

Do you like the WordPress ‘insert link’ ability in your posts? Then you’ll love this little snippet.

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