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Keeping up with the dependencies

Service locator (SL) and dependency injection (DI) design patterns serve the same purpose. To make your code loosely coupled to have a better testable, maintainable, and extendable code. Both these…
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes
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Images post meta fields

I know I didn’t write a tutorial in a long while. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, I was a bit busy with clients, getting involved…
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes
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Meta box controls – datepicker and slider UI

In the previous article I covered drop down controls in our meta box. Today we'll move forward to more custom solutions. Instead of image and gallery meta box controls, we'll add…
Estimated reading time: 13 minutes
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Meta box controls – checkbox and radio buttons

I already made a tutorial about meta boxes. In the tutorial I covered color picker control, and a cross between repeater field and related pages control. It was pointed out…
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes