Additional navigation menu

Adding custom menu items to your menu

Sometimes you’d like to add things to your menu that you usually cannot find in the menus page. Something more than just links, or you’d like to have customized menu item that behaves differently when you’re logged in or not. I’m going to show you two examples of using the ‘wp_nav_menu_items’ filter: one is adding custom My Account menu item for WooCommerce, and the other example will show you how to add a dropdown widget to your menu.

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Object oriented programming part 2

Creating Theme Options using object oriented programming (Part 2)

We continue our journey of understanding what OOP is, and how to utilize it in WordPress. We’ll create a class, and through it we’ll create our sub menu pages.

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Object oriented programming

Creating Theme Options using object oriented programming (Part 1)

I’ve always wondered what is the benefit of the object oriented programming (oop), and never really grasped it, until I actually started writing code in that way. And now I’m hooked. I’ll try to explain how you can code in OOP style, by explaining to you how to create Theme Options in Wordpress.

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Manually migrate locally developed WordPress site to a live server

I am going to explain to you how to migrate the entire WordPress installation to live server manually

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User Export Button

Export to CSV or XLSX in the admin screens

Exporting certain data from the WordPress can be a useful tool, especially if you’re running a shop, or a client based website. We’ll go over how to implement one, and how to export to various formats.

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