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Custom metabox datepicker and slider

Meta box controls – datepicker and slider UI

Today we’ll be covering a more advanced meta box controls that include jQuery UI plugins – datepicker and slider UI.

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Custom metabox select

Meta box controls – select and dropdowns

Continuing on the meta box tutorials, today’s tutorial will cover the dropdown selects – pages and category dropdowns and custom select options.

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Custom meta box control part 1

Meta box controls – checkbox and radio buttons

A first in the series of the tutorials on custom controls in meta boxes will cover how to add, save and then use radio buttons and checkboxes in your pages or posts.

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Additional navigation menu

Adding custom menu items to your menu

Sometimes you’d like to add things to your menu that you usually cannot find in the menus page. Something more than just links, or you’d like to have customized menu item that behaves differently when you’re logged in or not. I’m going to show you two examples of using the ‘wp_nav_menu_items’ filter: one is adding custom My Account menu item for WooCommerce, and the other example will show you how to add a dropdown widget to your menu.

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Object oriented programming part 2

Creating Theme Options using object oriented programming (Part 2)

We continue our journey of understanding what OOP is, and how to utilize it in WordPress. We’ll create a class, and through it we’ll create our sub menu pages.

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