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Talks Add on for The Events Calendar

Event Calendar Talks Add-on

My first plugin released on, happy to share my story on how it was created and a small tutorial on how to use it

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Additional user info

Add additional user fields and make them sortable in the user screen

A quick and easy way to add custom fields to your users. Also a bit of MySQL (just a bit) :D

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Displaying multiple posts from single category

Display multiple posts from each taxonomy

Or simply: how to show multiple posts from each category in an ordered way in WordPress?

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Add TinzMCE shortcode button

Adding shortcode button to TinyMCE editor

Adding buttons to TinyMCE editor is rather easy, however, documentation on how to do it is very poor and not helpful. But that’s why you have me to make things simple for you.

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Google Fonts

Adding Google Fonts to your WordPress theme

A great way to add Google Fonts to your WordPress theme using Google Fonts API and Customizer

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