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Supercharge your development with code quality tools

Code quality is a debated subject. What is 'good code'? How can we recognize good code? Is there a handbook on what good code should look like? I participated recently…
Estimated reading time: 8 minutes
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You’re stuck. Now what?

I wondered if I should write this article since, technically, I never had to be a 'one-man developer team'. All my developer life I've worked with other people. Luckily for…
Estimated reading time: 13 minutes
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Woo Solo Api

I'd like to say - new year, new plugin, but this one was released back in November 2017 xD. Still I'm glad that I can write a bit about my…
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
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Simple linked variations for WooCommerce

This post has been sitting in my drafts ever since I've released the new plugin called Simple Linked Variations for WooCommerce. As with most tutorials that you can find on this…
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Meta box controls – datepicker and slider UI

In the previous article I covered drop down controls in our meta box. Today we'll move forward to more custom solutions. Instead of image and gallery meta box controls, we'll add…
Estimated reading time: 14 minutes